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The proceedable washing machines WA 200 / 300 are used behind screw and nut pressing, thread rollers, punches and wind machines to remove sticking oil or emulsion on the metal parts. Those parts are only afflicted with a low rest of oil film (90% – 98% of the oil are removed) and can be supplied without problems to the next operation.

The washing machine works exclusively uses water, without additional chemicals. The oil or the emulsion are separated from the washing water and are collected in a container beside the machine.

Optimum cleansing results are reached at a washing temperatures from approx. 70 - 75°C. A fine oil film adjustable with the conveyor speed and the washing temperature, protects the parts against corrosion. The washing result can be improved by addition of detergent and/or corrosion protection agent in the washing water.

The washing unit features a pump with a power 0.63 kW. The washing water is heated with 16 kW. Because the oil separates from the water / cleaning agent, a Ölskimmer is used to remove the oil from the washing water. The Scheibenskimmer is placed beside the conveyer belt, or beside the washing drum.

The transport system exists of a magnetic belt, alternatively of a wire fabric belt made from high-grade-steel. Furthermore, a drum with an archimedischen spiral can be used. The decision for one of the transport systems depends on the transporting parts.


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