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The occasion-flow stoves are equipped with 1 - to 4 temperature rule devices with selbstoptimierender Fuzzy logic as well as solid-state relay to the control of the heating sticks. The control interval is put according to work on 5 seconds and can be still shortened when required.

The maximum temperature amounts 500°C. The insulation thickness amounts to 125 mms, or 175 mms. The warm loss amounts to approx. 180 W/m ², the surface temperature lies under 48°C with 20°C surroundings temperature (approx. 40°C, with the exception of construction-conditioned warm bridges)

As temperature sensors thermocouples type K are used. For a very steady warm distribution in the heating distance provide 1 - 4 ventilating fans. Furthermore the filament current is grasped about the regulator and defective heating sticks are indicated by a controlling light.

The transport system exists of a high-grade steel-wire fabric belt, with the smallest model AP 140 from a vibrator channel. Alternatively the parts can with the help of a mug tape, mug volume

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